I did it! It's done! The secret project I've been hinting at is completely finished. First, let's look at the before:
A floor lamp. Purchased in a box of 5 lamps from Target. It's basically a black stick with a tapered shade. And now...14 bottles of Coke and some duct tape later...
Can you believe how glamorous it is now? Sparkly!

I fixed the shade first. I've been obsessing for a long time about how to turn a tapered shade into a drum shade, and I finally figured it out. For $3 plus the cost of fabric! The full tutorial for that little project is going to be posted at Apartment Therapy today. Basically you flip the old tapered shade upside down.

And now for the sparkly part.
First I spray painted the lamp silver with Valspar Brilliant Metallic silver. That stuff is awesome! I want to spray paint everything in the house with it. Wouldn't that look futuristic?

Then I polished off more coke than I did during my Studio 54 days. Kidding! I was a girl scout back then. Literally. So you need 2 liter coke bottles. Lots of them.
See how you cut one of them lower? They'll look like this:
And then the two pieces will slip together like this.
And the date stamp lifts right off with nail polish remover. You also need to make rings out of 8 inch strips of duct tape folded in half lengthwise.
 Now you can start stacking. I added a smaller piece of a water bottle at the bottom that I spray painted silver so that the spacing would work out right at the top of the lamp as I stacked.
You can use tiny blobs of clear glue or tape where you need to as you work your way up.
The top holes of the bottles can be pretty small because you can bend and stretch them over the widest parts of the lamp.
Keep stacking. I added a little piece of cardstock covered with duct tape at the top to finish it off.
And that's it! I had plans to color the pieces with a hot pink sharpie, but I love it clear, so it's staying that way. For now.
And I'm not drinking coke again for the rest of my life.

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