Where have I been?

Isn't this shirt awesome? I am never taking it off. This shirt and my pajama pants. This shirt was made for me by the very talented Michael Phipps of phippsart.etsy.com. Here is the original listing in his shop. Michael made me this shirt to wear to The Martha Stewart Show (this also explains where I've been recently). He also has a really awesome fetus shirt that is hilarious in a Spinal Tap "this is an exact replica of my skeleton" sort of way, but evidently not so much in a Martha Stewart sort of way. Unfortunately, the producers have a rule about no words, no graphics on clothing for their guests. Oh well! 

My husband wants to wear the fetus shirt as sort of a sympathy pregnancy gesture (although one time I asked him if he felt any sympathy morning sickness or sympathy back pain, and he simply said "I don't feel sympathy").  

Anyway. Thank you, Michael! 

And, yes, I will soon be posting all the gory details of being on The Martha Stewart Show. Topics will include
*What does Martha look like up close? (She's actually very pretty! And tall!)
*What does she talk about during commercials? (Nothing! I choked her with papier mache dust!)
*What does she do right after the show? (I think it was tai chi! Or yoga! I'm sorry, Martha, I didn't mean to peek into your private room backstage! I got lost!)


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