And the winner is...

...number 89! Do you know who you are, number 89? I originally cut and pasted everybody's name onto a word document so I could cut the paper into strips and draw one from my daughter's toadily cool bag. But no printer ink! Oh no! So I numbered the names, wrote numbers zero through nine on those little wood circles, and drew out a circle two times. So? Who is it?

It's NATHALIE! She posted on my blog about half(ish) way down. Congratulations, Nathalie! You win blue polka dotted elephant pull toy! 

I want to sincerely thank everybody that entered. I loved all the comments and suggestions and the COMPLIMENTS, oh man! I am such a sucker for compliments. It just reaffirms that I'm a terrible businesswoman and only really do all this for the compliments. 

I am sure I will do another giveaway soon, because, like I said, I'm a terrible businesswoman! What? I'm supposed to sell these things? Feh, whatever! Oh and I'll post again when I make a new animal based on the suggestions. I got lots of great ideas, lots of inspiration, and lots of "huh? gotta look that one up on google images." Love it!

Happy New Year, everybody! 


  1. ohh my gosh! i'm squealing!!!! i sent you an email with the address!!!!!!!!! nope you are not a terrible businesswoman :) who does not like compliments???? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  2. Congrats to nathalie!!!

    BTW seriously with a my first one on the way if you do a cat or bunny I so want one!

    You rock! And must be a good business person since I am so ready to buy now :)

  3. Hi Katie.

    Since you make toys for children, I would love for you to do a blog post on what your plans are with the new CPSIA laws coming into effect so soon. What do you know about the law (or how are you interpreting it) and how it is going to affect you and the future of your business. Are you praying for an amendment before the law goes into effect in a little over a month?

    It is nice to see the perspective of many makers of children's items.


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