I finished making something! Whew! It took me a long time because, well, I just had a baby, but also because I couldn't decide what color velvet ribbon to use because I am having a panic attack about the nursery. Isn't that silly? Remember my sappy post about the nursery? Well, turns out that I picked the wrong room for the baby and now we are all shifting one bedroom to the left. Jon is being a tremendous sport about this since he will be the one moving the heavy stuff and there is a staircase involved. Anyway, what does that have to do with ribbon color? Wall color! The blue ribbon wouldn't have gone well with the blue walls, so I ordered some gold ribbon, but now that I had my nursery shifting breakdown, I can use the blue ribbon because Maggie is moving into Emma's old room which has yellow walls. See? It all worked out!

These little plaques were super easy to make. I found a copy of Hey Diddle Diddle, the actual Caldecott book and illustrations (because you can't really improve on Caldecott himself, can you? They don't call it a Caldecott medal for nothing) on Ebay a few years ago and scanned the illustrations, printed them, decoupaged them onto those cheapy craft store plaques. Decoupage. Day koo pajh. It's French for "gluing air bubbles onto wood". If you end up cussing a lot, you're doing it right!


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