Moving day!

That's Emma when she was 2. Isn't she adorable? I posted it because I have no other pictures to share right now. No works in progress at the moment. Well, lots in my head but can't photograph those.

Today is the day! Moving moving moving! Everybody is moving bedrooms today. It's going to be chaos, and from the chaos will emerge a new world order! Or at least a new home order. And I would like to thank my baby, Maggie, for being such a super duper sleeper and for smiling full face at me FOUR times yesterday! And thank you to my husband for carrying all the furniture! What a man! And thank you to my daughter, Emma, who just brought me a toasted bagel! With cream cheese! And to Ethan, my son, who is now ready to move to the downstairs bedroom because he is BIG! The sun is shining in Minnesota, literally and figuratively.
Man! I am full of gratitude! And coffee! And exclamation points!


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