Two out of four. Or maybe five.

Here is a new little pink giraffe. Getting closer to completing this project. Very very excited. Needs a tail. And eyes. Emma said, "You're painting it pink?" I told her that's what color giraffes are in the wild. Zoo food makes them turn yellow.

Need to run to the grocery store, but it's April showering outside, and I don't want to get the baby out in the rain. I'm ready for some May flowers. I thought Spring would erupt through the snow here, but actually there's a several week period of dirty grey yuck before you get to see any green.

I have so many projects in my head I'm about to burst. All toys. Going nuts. Not enough hours in the day. And Jon is in the midst of a 10 day work marathon (including 2 long calls - hello? 80 hour limit? ) so it's all me around here. No breaks. Except to photograph a little pink wooden giraffe! Eeee!


  1. oh long calls, why must you hurt so... such a cute giraffe! what fun toys are you thinking of? i'm currently on night float which means that for 14 hours a day i fantasize about craft, only to return home and crash. my sewing machine is unhappy with me and i'm a technophobe who fears that when it's me vs. the huskystar, it will eat my hand out of revenge for turning the tension up to high.

  2. manic, haha, i knew you'd understand. i'd advise staying away from heavy machinery until you're off night float. night float. that sounds so dreamy, but i'm sure it's anything but. i don't think humans are meant to be nocturnal.


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