See that earring? These are the earrings that I wore on The Martha Stewart Show, and I just wanted to say how gorgeous they are and that they were made for me by my best friend, Carolyn, who is EXTREMELY talented (she bends wires with her mind). AND she has an etsy shop! So you can buy beautiful baubles for yourself!

Also, Carolyn just got engaged! YAY! And I get to plan her wedding! So far I've made a few suggestions to her. For the venue, I'm thinking the Texas Motorplex. For music, I'm thinking Tommy Lee with his drum kit suspended from the ceiling in that revolving cage thing. Oh...wait...there's no ceiling at the Texas Motorplex. That's why she hasn't responded yet!


  1. Oh i love Carolyn's stuff she's amazing! Cute cute earrings.

  2. Yup, she is amazing, indeed!


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