The Fall of the Nobility

I think I posted a picture of that purple lady a while back. This is a very easy toy to make. It's a set of tumbling blocks with my little drawings decoupaged on them.

The idea is to line them up like dominos. And then...

Oh, no! Whose finger is that? It''s the proletariat!

Speaking of the guillotine, one time Jon and I were driving with the kids down I30 from Ft. Worth to Dallas, and there in the shoulder of the highway, I swear, was a human head. I freaked. "Jon," I falsetto whispered so the kids wouldn't hear, "Did you see that??!?!?! It was...It looked like...It had HAIR!" Jon was annoyingly calm like either he wasn't fazed by the sight of a human head on the side of a highway or he didn't realize what it was. Me, I was FREAKING. Then I remembered. You know what else is on the side of the highway between Dallas and Ft. Worth? A wax museum.


  1. 1) I believe you may in fact, be two people. One person sleeps, eats, feeds/diapers/sings to/plays with/chauffeurs children. One person creates incredible meticulous craft as if she has an army of martha stewart interns or elfin workshop. That's your secret, right? You are a twin. Not even your husband knows.

    2) Waxy or regular, any human head on the side of the road deserves screaming histrionics in the car that will eventually send the children into long term therapy.

  2. 1) Yes, I am twins. Mary Kate Ashley Steuernagle. Ha! No, really, the secret is that I neglect my personal hygiene. Bathing is time that I could be crafting! (And you're one to talk! Resident? New mom? Baby yoga! What's your secret twin's name???)

    2) You know, I would love to have had a camera set up on the side of the highway to capture the reactions of everyone that drove past that head. I wonder if anyone called the police.

  3. Haha, I'm a 17 year old girl who was googling macaroni art.. and somehow I found you. And you ma'am, have completely made my day.
    Although, when I was little, there was a section of that wax museum that always made me cry. But the Ripley's Believe it Or Not museum always made the day better. :)


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