Mommy, look!

Emma spotted this in the backyard this morning and already had the camera in her hands by the time I got to the back door.

I had to take the pictures through the glass without opening the door because I didn't want to scare them away. The mama was licking the little fawn's head. Morning bath. So cute I could pass out!

The baby is TINY! How do they walk on those skinny little legs?

I feel inspiration for a new pull toy...


  1. What a beautiful beginning to your day.

  2. Totally! I know my husband appreciated my waking him up early on his only day to sleep late to witness that glimpse of nature.
    Hey, Stitch, thanks for including me on your relishing list! Your blog is beautiful!

  3. ooh! new blog title thingy. very nice.

  4. Aw you like my squirrels? Thank you!

    I thought you might be interested???
    It's for Silhouettes and Aprons!


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