The Thing in the Garage that Required 24 ft of Molding

is done! I am so happy with it! It needs a rack inside, but that will be easy. I can't believe how easy it was to make. You can do it with a dremel and a handsaw. Seriously. The little door opens at the bottom with self-closing hinges. It's so sturdy! But you know what the best part is?

It comes apart in pieces.

And lies flat. So you can store it or ship it or whatever! And then it slides back together. No screws, no glues.

So now do I relax for a bit, or do I start my next project?


  1. Katie you are amazing! What a cute, cute little stove/oven! Made of wood! I mean, like real wood! Not cardboard, which is what most of my non-fabric toys are made of. Those are such pretty colors. Oh you do beautiful things with wood, girl. Love those flowers! And yes, what is wrong with Target, selling Orlas on clearance? Not that we are complaning, though! I bought some placemats weeks ago to sew a wallet with. Why have I not added you to my google reader yet? Why? Daft. I'm going to do it right now. Thanks for the monday morning smile you put on my face!

  2. oh. my. gosh! Katie! Absolutely, hands down THE most perfect toy oven/stovetop I've ever seen. Would you be willing to write down/type up directions? I'd be willing to pay...and I'm sure other people would be more than happy to as well.

    SO pretty.

  3. EEEeee! I'm so happy you guys like it!!!

    Chelsea, I'm actually working on getting some tutorials together. I'll post ASAP.

  4. i love this more than words can say. would you mind telling us how you did it?

  5. This is truly beautiful, what a talented crafter you are - your daughter is really lucky!

    I'm just joining your blog now and I can't BELIEVE the crafts you've done! I'm hoping somewhere there are directions or dimensions but right now I'm too busy drooling to stop and look!!!!

  6. Hi! I just LOVE this! Did you end up writing a tutorial for it? So cute!!


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