Chick lit

I bought this book last week to read on my vacay at the cabin in Northern Minnesota (aka the Minnesota Hamptons). I'm on page 248 and still no plot. Thank god! I hate conflict.


  1. Katie, I just wanted to say I LOVE how funny you are! It is 1 am and I should be in bed if I know what's good for me (and from this, it is clear that I do not) but if I don't comment now while everyone is asleep, I never will. Maggie is adorable! No, she doesn't look like a teletubby - she is just SO cute. And I still think you are Queen of Acrylic Paints. How many shades of beige do you have again? And how many bibs do I have? Less than one million. See - nothing wrong. No problem at all (whistling).

  2. LIEr, it's so nice to be understood! Thank you!
    PS Don't read my latest post because it's totally sappy and nothing funny. I must need a coffee or something.


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