I have a compulsion. A craft paint hoarding disorder. You should see my box of craft paints. I'm ashamed. I would take a picture, but I'm afraid someone out there would see it and plan an intervention. Why? Why do I need 8 shades of beige? BEIGE! Do you know how many shades of pale aqua I have? And yet none of them is exactly right, and I will inevitably mix my own (I have a secret formula). The craft paint aisle at the craft store is like the candy store to me. I think it's because they are so relatively inexpensive, so pretty, and so useful. I never feel guilty throwing one or three into the cart. Until I get home and realize that I have shades so similar that Pantone wouldn't be able to see the difference.

Anyway, my point is that I just bought this little black one to see how it compares to Pebeo. I used Pebeo to paint a coffee cup for Jon last year, and it holds up more amazingly fantastically than I thought possible. That cup has been dishwashered a thousand times, and you can't even tell. But I saw these Americana enamels and was intrigued. Are they new? They are certainly cheaper than the Pebeos. So far I love how it brushed on. Really smooth and glossy and completely opaque. Now I have to let it air dry 48 hrs, then bake it in the oven. Then dishwasher testing. Then I will go back and buy every shade of beige they make!


  1. oh wow, i did not know about this enamel painting that can happen on mugs. must purchase. also, do you ever do the glass etching? despite its reputation for mirrors flanked by bald eagles holding confederate flags, you can actually make some fun things.

  2. Yes, glass etching, I totally want to try that! There are so many great materials at the craft store if you can look past the, uh, aesthetic. For a while I was into rug hooking. Have you ever walked down that aisle? Teddy bears wearing God Bless America flags. Tres chic.

  3. rug hooking sounds like something i should be treating in my addictions and risky behavior group.


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