My very good friends back in Austin were kind enough to have a baby boy last week so that I could try out making this plush/pull toy hybrid. Wasn't that nice of them? Anyway, that's what I did today. I had some other stuff I should've done, and when I look at this list, ugh, isn't it ugly? Gross stuff. Then I realized the problem. It isn't that that stuff needs to be done. The problem is that I made a list to remind me. Otherwise, I could've just forgotten about it and felt good!

So here's my new time management strategy. I'll only list things once I've completed them! It's a Did List. Then I can sit back and focus on my accomplishments and feel good! How will things get to the Did List? Not with a to do list, or a schedule, or any of those guilt driven models, but via an organic process I call "feelin' it". Didn't pay the bills today? Nope, wasn't "feelin' it". I'm sure the bill collectors will understand!


  1. Katie, you are so funny! That Did List put a smile on my face, it Did. Your push-pull-plush is adorable! You're a genius, combining fabric and wood and paint like this!

  2. This made me laugh so hard. I too operate by the "feelin' it" method.

  3. Thanks, you guys!

    You should make a Did list today and see how good it makes you feel about yourself!


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