Dear Dremel

Dear Dremel,
I apologize for thinking at one time that you were a sissy, lame, housewife pseudo-tool. I used to think that you were a sorry excuse for a powerdrill. I was wrong. I hope the other tools learn to appreciate you as I have. Because you can turn wood dowel owls into...

nesting wood dowel owls.


P.S. These guys are headed to my etsy shop asap.


  1. Speechless (but will proceed to prove that false in the next few seconds)! Katie, they are beautiful! And lying on an Orla pear, too. Such good taste. I love them. I can't buy them because the smallest child will eat them! Argh! I need them!

  2. Haha, LiEr, you know your Orla! I'm glad you like them! I almost don't want to sell them. (Yes, the smallest is definitely bite sized!)

  3. wow. you always leave me wowing. your website is blocked at bellevue. they are trying to prevent my viewing perfect craft and laughing at your witty posts during the day. it's a violation of my mental health

  4. do you have a magnifying glass?

  5. You should start a craft blog viewing group therapy session at Bellevue. And I am going to rename my blog "Blocked at Bellevue". Or "Visual Xanax".

    And I don't have a magnifying glass (is this the set up for a Prince Albert in a can type joke?)

  6. Hi! I just came across your blog and have spent all day going through every link on it! I am in LOVE with these nesting owls and I see that at one point (probably a year ago since this post is from 2009) that you had them listed on your Etsy shop. I'm decorating my two year old daughters new "big girl" room in an owl motif and would love so much to have these. Do you have any more? If so, could I buy a set? Thank you!!!


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