Have you ever noticed that if you cut off the edges of a dowel with a 30 degree miter, it looks like a cat? And an owl?


  1. Katie I just had to tell you this...the other day when you posted that boat, I oooed and aaaahed over it. Then it reminded me that I had been wanting to do some sailboat collages and illustrations and so I started sketching and ended up with the owl and the pussycat! I think we might be in a cosmic crafty mind meld. lol

    I absolutely adore that boat. Well that's a given...I adore everything you do!

  2. Aw, Janet, thank you! And I just looked at your collages in your etsy shop and they are AWESOME! I'll be watching for some sailboat themed stuff. Something about the whole owl and the pussycat thing that is so lazy summer blissed out, don't you think??

  3. Can I get one of these too? With the cat and the owl? Love. So much.


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