Heavy sigh

The house is a wreck. I need a shower. I think I'll call this boat Domestic Tranquility. It's part Owl and the Pussycat and part Where the Wild Things Are. Craft escapism. I think I love this boat. It was an exercise in enjoying the process instead of obsessing over the end. It's soft and weathered looking, frayed and windblown. I hand stitched the sail. Look at that bird up there!
Baby awake. No shower for me!


  1. I'm a bad, disobedient person- I am reading your post even though you said I shouldn't. Good thing I blatantly ignored your instructions because I would've missed a gorgeous little sailboat! Reminds me also of that boat made by Leslie Durrell for Gerald Durrell (younger brother and protagonist) in the latter's "My Family And Other Animals" story. Did you ever read it? His boat was round, not hydrodynamic like yours, and it had a rather rude name that I shouldn't type here, but that is such a fun story (and its two sequels, too).
    P.S. sorry the baby took your shower away. Am myself due to wake up the Middle Child from her nap now. Baby has been up all afternoon - skipped a nap!


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