My polyurethane picks

These are my favorite choices for sealing the little wood and papier mache things that I paint with acrylic paint. I don't use the high gloss brilliant one very often because the shiny finish seems to accentuate imperfections in the surface. I use the satin finish for the bodies of my papier mache animals and the matte one for the wooden base and wheels. Oh and I used the satin for the crib mobile that I made for Maggie and for the nesting owls. The satin is pretty much my default for everything. I use it on top of Mod Podge when I decoupage because you have to seal the Mod Podge or it feels sticky. I love this brand (DecoArt) because it goes on easy and isn't picky about overbrushing and stuff like that. Dries very tough. All are stamped AP nontoxic so they don't cause reproductive harm or cancer even in the state of California!


  1. Awesome, Katie! I will head out to Michaels tomorrow with renewed courage and a slight air of superiority now that I am so informed! Thank you for posting and emailing me! Of course I have no business being on the computer before feeding the brood their breakfast. But reading blogs is funner than cooking scrambled eggs! Hope you have a sane week!

  2. the fork and plate are nice touches.


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