Step 1

I have too many ideas for projects in my head right now. It's making me feel yuck. I don't know which to work on, and I'm kind of going in circles. When you have a little baby, you get to work in random 15 minute intervals. Little chaotic spurts. Can't clear my head. So I've been thinking a lot about the whole creative process. Or rather, my creative process. Thought I'd document it for you. So often craft blogs just pop that final product on you, and you had no idea that the person had been working on it. So now I'm really exposing myself, making myself vulnerable, because the project may turn into crap at some point and look awful. Or I may never finish it. But aren't the failures just as interesting? Maybe more interesting? I just found the italics button. Ok, here goes.

Step 1: Photograph your coffee. This might seem irrelevant, but it's not. It gets you into that rosylittlethings frame of mind. And don't ever photograph the whole plate. Just 2/3 of it. And put it all on a vintage tablecloth. The background should be blurry. I'm serious! This is important!

Now what was I going to make? I forgot. I should drink that coffee. Oh crap, the baby's awake.


  1. are awesome. You make me feel so much better about life in general.

    It is incredibly important to capture just the 2/3 of the plate...any more would be ridiculous.

    Now I want a cookie.

  2. Yes! Ridiculous! I'm so glad you understand.

    PS Those cookies are delicious. Just a little treat I whipped up. And by "whipped up", I mean "bought at Target".

  3. Girl, you make me laugh. Really. Thank you. Oh I love and hate the creative process. Yesterday I finished a bag. I don't know what to do with it. I made it only because it was in my head haunting me. I wanted to get it out of my head. Now it's out of my head but it's sitting on my living room table and I can't figure it out. I went and took photos of it. I started a post about it. I'm at an impasse now. I think I should get it out of the house - like sell it, or give it away to an unsuspecting victim. Then I came and read your post and I think there is a clue here. I have too many projects in my head. It's got to the point where I'm just making them to get them out of my head. I need caffeine. Or Bailey's Irish Creme. Oh wait, the baby's not weaned yet. The madness never ends. I hope you get a good long stretch of crafting time soon. If your Step 1 has already been a balm to my tortured soul, I can't wait to see what the next steps will do.

  4. I have been trying to figure out step 2 for the past 24 hours!
    But, yes, see what I mean? I'm so happy to hear of your bag story. I find that part fascinating (plus I bet your bag is awesome!). The "uh, I made it, now what?" or the "bought the supplies, lost my initial inspiration" or the "ugh, this is taking way way too long" or the "should it be aqua or teal? aqua or teal? ok, teal, AGH that looks AWFUL, aqua! aqua! aqua!"

    I think step 2 should be "go read craft blogs".

  5. Katie! Thank you for the comment, and you MUST stay out from under the bed. You must. Who else makes me laugh like you? You are funnier by far. That thing you said about "by whip up, I mean "bought at Target" will forever stay in my memory. Can I borrow that phrase sometime? Your circus mobile and the owls are beyond beautiful. That oven? To die for. The little round wood flowers? Ahhhhhhh. And that's just the wood stuff you make. And just SOME of the wood stuff. Live! Craft! Rig up a caffeine IV if you must (I have one, but mine has nutella in it), but keep turning out those wonders! For the sake of mankind!


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