Step 2: Pick a project and FOCUS

I have a notebook where I jot down my ideas and sketches when they strike me. I learned that technique from Leonardo Da Vinci. Or maybe it was from an article in Cosmo about dream interpretation. At any rate, I have about 80 craft projects I want to try out. Some of them are variations on old tried and true crafts. Some are more experimental (I wasn't kidding when I said I need caulk, bouncy balls, and a carpet remnant). I know that if I don't pick one and just start, I will lose my mind. But which one? To figure that out, I had to ask myself the following soul searching questions:

What is important to me?
Why do I create?
What do I enjoy?
What is that smell?
Who am I?
What color is my parachute? (ooh write down "parachute toy" in notebook)

I realized I am a techno industrial kawaii granny chic mod baroque minimalist craftician. So does that mean I do the papier mache project or the embroidery project? Or the one that will revolutionize jewelry making as we know it? I'll do the papier mache project. Why? Because I already have a box of papier mache mix in the cabinet. I won't even THINK about the embroidery project that is burning a whole in my heart I want to do it so badly. Nope. Don't have embroidery thread or tiny snaps anyway.

I am committing to the papier mache project. It's going to be a pull toy. A swan boat. A swan boat pull toy. There. I have never EVER said what I'm making before it's done. I've been thinking about trends, and I've decided that swans are the new birds. Hey, wait, they are birds. Anyway, my point is that rather than following trends, I am going to hereby set the new trends myself. Swans. And Greece. Greek keys. And yachts. Anything nautical, astrological, mythological, or related to Jackie O. Those are the new trends.

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, a while back I read this story about a female black swan who fell in love with a swan paddle boat. Isn't that inspirational? Talk about falling for the one you can't have. I think she read too many Candace Bushnell novels. But aren't swan paddle boats funny? Like a gaudy attempt by man to recreate something beautiful from nature, and it turns out sort of over the top grotesquely cute? And swans fit into my Greek trend. I've always loved the myth about Leda and the swan. Or maybe it was Semele and Zeus that I loved. Oh well. Whatever.

On to google images to find reference photos of swans. What did people do before google images when they needed to sketch something? Sit out in nature? With the bugs? Eeww!

And then I had to decide how to do the wheels. This hung me up forever. I always do wheels like this:

but decided that this time I wanted the wheels to be tucked up under the swan, if that makes any sense. I had to re-engineer everything. Made a wood armature based on my sketch. So here it is so far. Please don't laugh. It's going to get better. Hopefully. If I can stay focused. Papier mache now. Embroidery later. Don't have embroidery thread or little snaps anyway. Focus focus focus.


  1. Loved reading how your brain works. I cannot choose. I do them all simultaneously. Drives me insane. And then I burn out. I also have a notebook. About 5, at last count, I think. One in purse. One on side table in living room where I sit with husband at the end of the day attempting to read books with text. One in sewing room. One in kitchen. One that roams the house. And then I scribble on small bits of paper, usually backs of expired coupons, grocery lists, unromantic things like that. And then I have to make sure the children don't see them because they always ask, "what's that fairy mushroom thing, mom? Is it for us? What are you making? Tell me! Tell me! I won't bug you to finish it!" And all the while I'm thinking, "I want to start on that so badly, but it's 530 pm." And out of my mouth comes, "What do you want for supper?" Children think: "Mother does not listen to us. Mother is changing the subject. Mother has a secret. It must be for us. We must bug her."

    Enough of me. Love the swan. Love the concealed wheels. Sort of like an amphibious vehicle. It is going to be amazing.


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