Step 5: Stop screwing around!

Had to update that last entry with the spiral cut joke...but NOW I am ready to concentrate! I have made a decision. After months of creative wandering, I am rededicating myself to my etsy shop. Christmas 2009! Right? It's 2009? Booyah! I am going to work like a mad elf and the day after Thanksgiving, I will list such wonders that you will swear you are 7 years old and stumbled into Santa's workshop. I even made a list of things to make. Some one of a kinds. Some old designs. Some new. How many days do I have? Anybody? I'll go count in a minute. It's the countdown til Christmas! I am so excited!

The swan boat is coming along swimmingly.


  1. Swimmingly indeed! She (or he) is lovely. You are a master sculptor, K. Oh dear, Christmas. I am living in denial here that the summer is the default climate in these parts. But you are wise to plan for Christmas now. Especially since the craft and fabric stores are already stocking red-and-green prints, the meanies.

  2. Not that you're taking votes, but Go Monkey Racecars in your shop would make my Christmas.

  3. I actually just got an email from Joann fabrics about Christmas in July. It made me feel a little sick.

    And, Carrie, perhaps I have a whole STACK of almost finished Go Monkey Racecars that I am wondering what color to paint at this very moment!

  4. Wait...I should have chosen a monkey sound. Ooooh oohhh aaaah aaahhhh.


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