What I made for Jon

So in case you were wondering why I was experimenting with the gloss enamel paints (and by the way, they only make TWO shades of beige, dang!) this is why. I am making Jon a series of beer glasses with merit badges painted on them. He gets this merit badge for doing yard work. I have about 3 more in mind that should be ready by, oh, let's say next Fathers Day? This was pretty fun and easy. You can see all the real Boy Scout merit badges on their website if you need some inspiration.

For example, you can paint these merit badges on a beer glass and reward your loved one with an ice cold beer after he has a hard day of...


fighting fires!

fighting communism!

fighting Zeus!

underwear modeling!

playing quarters!

helping a nice family of hunchbacks get the poltergeists out of their attic!

making squirrel pull toys! AAaah! This one is my favorite!


  1. I'm crying over this post! I just found your blog and I'm busily--and gigglingly--making my way backwards through it. And since I really giggled at this one, I soooo want to make my husband some merit badges!

    Keep up the great work! I'm having a ball!

  2. Oh my God! I clicked to make a comment on this hilarious post that has me struggling to catch my breath and wipe the tears from my eyes, and I see that Heidi has made the EXACT COMMENT that I was going to make. Seriously, so weird. I just stumbled across you blog via Mod Podge Rocks and I too and making my way backwards through it. I have gotten juice up my nose at least three times. I think I may have a crush on your blog. I am going to be up all night thinking about it and twirling my hair around my finger and biting on my fingernail...I can see it now, trouble is down the road.


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