Woot! My little sailboats got a mention on Cuteable! Do you love that website or what? Curated cuteness. Thank you, Lynsey! Remember when that little girl deer told Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer he was cute and he flew into the air yelling, "I'm cute! I'm cute!" Yup, feels like that!


  1. Catching up on belated comments as usual. What a crazy summer! Those racecars are too cute, Katie! I'll have to wait till my youngest stops chewing doll heads to indulge in your fabulous shop. Sigh. Congrats on being cute-d! And that hedgehog is so pure. Beautiful and pure. And has the darlingest little round nose.

    P.S. I don't wear nailpolish either. I figure if I can get my hands to not look leathery in photos, it's a miracle already. These midwestern winters! Grrrr.


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