Make your own minimalist hedgehog pencil holder!

This is really easy! Watch!

You need an empty 2 liter bottle, an empty yogurt cup, plaster (I used Permastone), caulk, and Creative Paperclay.

Cut the bottle like this. You will be using that middle part only.

Squeeze a bead of caulk onto the lip of the yogurt cup.

Stick it in the bottle, and let the caulk set. You want a good seal.

Pinch the bottle a little and tape it. This will make the hedgehog sort of elongated instead of perfectly circular. Mix up the plaster and pour it in the bottle until the yogurt cup is just covered up. After the plaster sets, pop it out. Form a hedgehog nose with the Creative Paperclay! Done!

Back to school cool!


  1. This is just too cute! I just hope I can get myself some paperclay where I live.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thanks, Gladys! I bet polymer clay would work if you can't find the paperclay.

  3. No fingernail polish again? Who is your director of photography? Who signed of on these shots!

  4. Just because you wear nail polish doesn't mean I have to.

  5. Must stop reading!!! : )

    I just jumped over here from LiEr's post at ikatbag and she was right on the money; the stuff you make IS amazing and you ARE an entertaining funny writer!

    But sitting here for the next some-odd hours reading all your back posts is NOT on my list today. Perhaps tomorrow... : )

    P.S. Greetings from the Target/IBM area -- had a quick look at your etsy shop and at first wondered why it was showing MY location, then realized it was YOUR location!! What are the chances?!?

  6. this is incredible!! seriously, the absolute hilt of cute! it's awesome! thanks for sharing with us so that we can have one of our very own!


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