minimalist hedgehog pencil holder

I had the best idea. If somebody at work keeps stealing your lunch out of the refrigerator in the break room, do you know what you should do? You should put your wallet in your lunch. Hide it under a tuna salad sandwich. The person will grab the lunch, peak at the sandwich, scurry back to his cubicle, and then you go "AAAAH somebody stole my wallet!" and he'll be all "Oh MAN I accidentally stole a wallet!" You'll totally freak him out!

PS I made this pencil holder out of plaster. I think I love it. I sketched it a while back but had no idea if it would work. I think it worked. I really like it.


  1. The plan to catch the lunch thief? I know!

  2. his little nose (her little nose?) reminds me of the hedgehogs in Disney's Alice in Wonderland. When they're in the garden and the queen in playing croquet and the hedgehogs are the balls. perfectly cute. I might be daring and make one and add a little pink bow. a shock of color and a change in gender.

  3. Haha they are like that. I like the pink bow idea!

  4. i love this! it's wonderful. :)

  5. You should definitely make more of those. I would buy one :)


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