Squirrel Evolution

Ok, I just listed two monkey cars, and they sold faster than I could refresh the page to look at the new items in my shop. Wow! I thought etsy ate the listings! I'll list a couple more soon, but in the meantime I am working on this. A new pattern for my Happy Sew Lucky series. Oh boy! Have you ever tried to design a stuffed animal pattern? Tricky.

Attempt #1: Didn't put a forehead panel. Very skinny weird head.

Attempt #2: What the heck did I do to the tail? Didn't even bother to finish the head.

Attempt #3: Body of squirrel. Head of sparrow. Like a witch brew recipe.

Attempt #4: Hump of camel?

Attempt #5: Close but it can't stand up.

Attempt #6: Bingo! 100% 4 legged squirrel standing all by itself!

These are my two favorite fabrics in the whole world, and they are discontinued. I wander through the fabric stores looking for them still. I have searched the internet high and low for them. I'm down to about 6 square inches of the polka dots.

Anyway, all I gotta do now is work this into my Happy Sew Lucky template! Yay!


  1. Genius, K! It is perfection. The fabric, too. Yes, print fabric and perfection in the same sentence. I hope you find more soon. And darn it, I was going to look in your shop to see if I might buy one of them racecars (and not let the baby eat the monkey) but too late. Maybe a sign that I need to wait a year or three. Congrats on swift sales!

  2. Katie that is one cute squirrel! I admire your persistence.

    Have you been to cottonblue on etsy? Its one of my favorite fabric shops and they have loads of gorgeous fabrics including some linen polka dots that I think you'd like. :)

    I was hoping for a race car too. I am going to set my computer to stun and stalk your etsy shop! :)

  3. I'm considering forgiving you that I didn't get a monkey.

  4. LiEr, thank you for opening up to my pink prints! haha.

    Janet, thank you for that source! oh my gosh. the linen polka dots are beautiful!

    Carrie, are you Carrie McYouKnowWhat who works for OYouKnowWhere?

  5. love the fabrics! what is the eye made out of?

  6. presumptive of me to think it has one eye. i meant, 'eyes'.

  7. The eye (yes, there's only one) is an intricate embroidery stitch that is a cross between a French knot and random stitches. I call it a French wad.


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