Good Morning, Autumn!

Good morning apple cider, sweaters, and falling leaves. I love Fall! It is my favorite! You should make this to celebrate!

It's a squirrel garland!

Just print out this pattern.

Find some wrapping paper you like, accordion fold it, trace the pattern, and cut. The dotted pink lines go on the fold. Don't cut through the fold! Make lots of them! Decorate your space, your home, your treehouse, your nest, your cubicle, wherever you pass the time. Are you at work right now and in desperate need of some creativity? Do you have a 10 key punch? You should print out this pattern really small and cut it out of those little rolls of paper that get spit out of 10 key punches and decorate your cubicle if you spend a lot of time there wondering why you majored in accounting and you wander off way too frequently to the bathroom or to get coffee and then stress out about which client you're going to charge that 15 minutes to and every time you get into the elevator with your navy suit and button up shirt and sensible heels you want to grab the sweaty alterna-grunge bike messenger by the shoulders and yell, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"


I love Autumn!


  1. hilarious. i heart autumn as well. john has a huge collection of vintage halloween candles and we make pies and cider. we also visit fall farms. i'm sure you have many at your disposal there in the midwest. jealous.

  2. Thanks for the adorable garland!

  3. Love it - what a great, inspiring blog!

  4. I hope I still fill those "sweaty alterna-grunge bike messenger" shoes...

  5. cuuuuuuuuute! i love autumn too and i love your blog. thanks for the cool garland idea.

  6. This is great, I have to make one too!!!Thanks for sharing ;-)


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