I'm very bloggy today

Waiting for Ethan to notice that the water bottle he takes to soccer practice has the words "vaginal discharge" printed on it.


  1. This is so hilarious!
    I just found you via Ikat Bag - great blog! I can't wait to go see the goodies in your shop now.

  2. Uh oh I better go make some goodies.

  3. LOL!!!!!

    I wandered across your blog from 'Chez Beeper Bebe' - glad I did!

  4. This just makes me giggle every time I re-read it.....

  5. that's about the most hilarious thing i've read in a lont time!!! LOVE IT!

  6. Oh that just made my day, very funny!

  7. Ok, so I just found your blog (via the blog "Little Paper Dog")

    First I love that they printed vaginal discharge on water bottle.

    2nd - I love that you let a male leave the house without telling him

    3rd - I wish I had one so I could send my husband off with it somewhere.

    that's awesome and totally cracks me up.

  8. I just came across your blog via way of Mel Stampz and your tutorial of transferring from an inkjet printer to wood (and that in itself gets you my squealy excitement award because OMG!!!) but then I got to read about the rug, your little tidbits of humor, and now this.... Thank you so much for the laughs during a break I've taken from a very late night/early morning Gypsy learning session!

  9. Ok, I ask you, how many times do people really Laugh Out Loud when they type LOL? Always? Frequently? Never? I've solved the problem by not using LOL ever because it just doesn't apply to me. (What a grump!) After reading through your blog from Feb 2010 til this post and smiling throughout I finally hit the tipping point. Yes, I Laughed Out Loud. I'm off to double check our hospital-sponsored soccer water bottles. Glad to have found you.


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