I am totally obsessed with delivery vans, and I don't know why. I guess it's the artwork on the side. In Houston there was an awesome delivery van that I'd see from time to time that said "Pacific Salmon" on it and had the most beautiful picture of fish on the side. There was also a funny avocado van. I could never get a snapshot of them. They'd just cruise by at an intersection and then be gone.

I made these a while back, and I'm almost sad that I don't have them anymore.

Yesterday I saw an Old Dutch Potato Chip delivery van. I wanted a picture so bad! I am going to drive around with a camera and stalk that van. It has to be around town somewhere. I also saw a turkey walking down the road that I wanted a picture of. I still can't get over the fact that turkeys walk around wild here in Rochester. As a native Texan who has always lived in big cities, I can't get used to it. We didn't have all this weird wildlife. Only chupacabras. But how many more pictures of chupacabras do I need?


  1. Katie, please, please, please don't say you painted the artwork on the sides of these trucks!? I don't think I can continue living if I find out any more of your amazing talents. Seriously, these trucks are so, so, cute. Especially that buttery yellow one. Not in the "Oooo, look at the baby" way cute, but more the "So I'm a crusty old grownup and I want to play with those and no I'm not sharing with my children even though I love them" cute.

    Chupacabras! You think of everything! He he!

  2. I'm sorry, LiEr, but yes I painted those little paintings. Photoshopped in the words and printed them small and decoupaged them onto the trucks. If I still had them, you could totally come over and play with them!


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