Time management

A new kind of list. And an awesome Orla coffee cup given to me by my lovely friend, Erin! Why, oh, why didn't I buy more tablecloths when they were on clearance at Target? Did you know they go for $$$ now on Ebay?


  1. Just wanted to say, love your lists, LOVE your toys, and think you are kind of all-around amazing.

    I saw you on Martha Stewart back in December, but didn't find your blog until today. It's one of my new favorites! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  2. That is so nice to hear because it makes me think, hey, maybe I'm NOT crazy.

    Thank you!!!!!!

  3. i'm sorry, i'm new here.
    did you say orla kiely was on, ahem, CLEARANCE, as in reduced pricing, as in, there was some stuff left, and you didn't get it all right there and then?


    for somebody who lives across the pond and only got to see all the goodness via the internet, i ... i have no words.

    actually, i should fully disclose, that i happened to be in the us at just the right moment to be able to get some stuff. only easily packable stuff, you understand. like, one table cloth. and of course i wish i had bought more of them every time i look at it.

    i will never forgive you not going hogwild at clearance. ;-p


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