Wanted: personal assistant

This is a picture I took several years ago of my former assistant, Agador. When she left (moved to Miami to marry her long time partner, Carlo), I decided I wouldn't hire another assistant. But now I think I may have to. I'm getting pretty busy.

I really miss Agador. She had abysmal phone ettiquette, but she made perfect espresso and was great with the kids.

I mean, I'm happy for her. She loves being a housewife in Miami. She says her carpal tunnel syndrome has even cleared up (she only complained about it when she had to do the bookkeeping. It never bothered her when she did her nails, like, constantly). So her new lifestyle suits her really well. The parties. The hot tubs. She even got to meet her idol.

Anyway, I'm going to have a hard time replacing her.


  1. i suspect she'll find it hard to come off whatever prescription drug it is that she's addicted to.
    the eyes were the clue.

  2. It was mostly the all night artying that lead to how chronic "red-eye". Though I will admit, I found more that a few prescription bottles of Oxycodone in her purse with Carlo's name on them...

  3. She told me her eyelash adhesive caused the red eyes!


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