After all, tomorrow is another day...

I was worried about Ms. Norwood ever since she quit her job last week. I knew she had hit rock bottom when I found her sleeping in the dryer. But I think the old Norwood is back now. She has a new boyfriend!

Hairy Winston


  1. But she said he has a private jet! Oh no. Do you think it's a rental??

  2. The dryer? Hmmm, I hate to say it but when I was a child, I actually had a cat that died in the dryer. Was it suicide? We will never know. But I would watch Mrs Norwood in the event things do not work out with Harry. Some sort of Prozac may be in order with all of her erratic behavior lately.

  3. Check the car. You can tell by the car.

  4. He may not be Mr. Right . . . could just be Mr. Right Now. . . either way, this seems like just what Ms. Norwood needs!

  5. I swear, you guys totally understand me.


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