Where have I been?

Look! The lovely and talented Hav emailed me a pic of her adorable Halloweeny hedgehog, and I know I'm late in posting and it's actually November now, but she's orange, which is the universal Thanksgiving color, so imagine that she is sitting on a pumpkin!
Who, oh who, will bring the madeleines and tea to the hedgehog party? Because actually I'd like a  triple latte.


  1. oh! i'm SOOO excited that Francis made the blog! (really, i'm like a giggly little 3rd grader!) it has pretty much become hedgehog frenzy around my house since Marie Antoinette made her debut. We now have 3 hedgehogs, and my daughter just loves them...they like to tickle her and get lots of giggles!! oh katie, you're so great!

  2. She's so beautiful! I must make these for my niece and nephew! They had a pet hedgehog that died this summer so I'm sure these will brighten their Christmas!

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