Clear surfaces, dahling!

Isn't that how the new year makes you feel? I have redecorating on the brain like crazy. Aren't these gorgeous? Like champagne! I just want to pack up the xmas decorations and clean clean clean. Do you get that way in January, too? I want to paint all the grody oak wood trim in my house bright white. I can't stand looking at it anymore. The color reminds me of suntan pantyhose from the 70s.

PS The title of this post is an Absolutely Fabulous reference. Did you get it? It's from the episode where Eddie's super chic minimalist friend is coming to visit and Eddie runs around yelling "I want clean lines and surfaces! Clear surfaces, darling!"


  1. OOOOOOOOH...I hear you. I'm with family, and I'm going through NESTING withdrawals. I have no craft stuff with me...I can't reorganize my cabinets. I can't even organize the baby's clothes! HEEEEELP!

    (Those bowls ARE lovely. *Grin*)

  2. Love AbFab! What a great show! Cool glass pieces too!

  3. I really agree. I was all giddy with my Christmas decorations until December 26th, and now they're just .ugh. Now I need some lovely person to come and pack them all away for me. Any takers? No? Bueller?

  4. Yes - beautiful glassware!! (And loving the Bueller & AbFab references!)

  5. "this is what i don't want: THINGS -- THINGS in PLACES."
    We watched that episode recently to go with my pre-baby anti-clutter campaign.
    It is now the household tidy-up mantra. SURFACES, DARLING!

  6. Just had to respond to your comment about the gross oak trim throughout your house. I too have this dreaded disease. My previous house was build in the 1940's and had lots of molding and it was all painted with white oil paint. We moved to this house 7 years ago and the previous owners had painted the entire house with flat white paint which set off against the brown oak cabinets and trim. So drab. I did paint the entire house with a variety of awesome colors but we didn't touch the trim because of the many windows in the house. The trim around the windows will be a nightmare to paint. We finished the basement off and had the contractor put white trim down there. Love it. Need to get the oak cabinets painted- my father was sick to his stomach to imagine me painting the oak as he and my mother love oak- she actually bought a huge hutch and kitchen set that is a honey colored oak- I hate it but she loves it. After my father died I didn't want to paint the cabinets- it felt wrong. But it has been almost 3 years and I need some clean color.


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