Guess who's been baking!

Do you know what's wrong with this picture?

Exactly. I should've cropped more of the plate out. It violates the 2/3 rule.


  1. I'm cracking up right now. I love baking, do it often and am pretty good at it but from time to time I have these situtations. Usually it involves knocking the whole tray of unbaked cookies face down on the un-moped kitchen floor. My friends adore these stories, and pass them around like rookie trading cards.

  2. It is rule of thirds, lady ;)

  3. Katie,
    You are the funniest. It is a gift of the best kind. Thank you, thank you.
    Hope your season was merry and bright (no thanks to all this snow).


  4. Jessica, this was the very last tiny bit of dough I had left. I'll make one last cookie, I thought. Then I went outside to take pictures of the kids playing in the snow and forgot it was in the oven. Oops.
    Dr.Jon, you are aware of the 2/3 rule of craft photography, right? Never show more than 2/3 of the plate when you photograph food for your blog. Never.
    And, LiEr, merry and bright, indeed. I have to wear snow goggles in the house when all the blinds are open.

  5. you know what I love about this picture? It proves, "the last one" rule. No one wants to be the person who eats, the last item that is left. There could have been 100 cookies, slice of pie or cheesecake (yum) and no one, nobody, wants to eat the last piece.
    Is this because they have to wash it?


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