Predictions: One word

Green. Emerald green. Ok, that's two words, but the emerald part is sooo important. Not apple, avocado, acid, kelly, olive, teal, or sage. Nope. Emerald green. Watch for it. It may take until next Christmas for it to take full effect, but emerald green is going to be the new icy Tiffany robin's egg aqua blue. I'm calling it now.

And butterflies. Butterflies are going to be the new birds. I don't even really like butterflies, but from now on I'm incorporating them into everything I do. Oh and that is one word! Butterflies!

You guys, 2010 is going to be huge. HUGE! I have so many ideas and projects for you! I can hardly wait!

Also, here is the thing I made for myself! It's a pincushion! Paperclay smoothed onto a bit of toilet paper tube with a circle of felt stuffed up in there. Just need some cuter pins.


  1. Aack! I want to know how to make that pin cushion! So cute. :)

  2. It was easy! You want a tutorial? I loooove to do tutorials!

  3. funny! I was just on Sartorialist and he said it looked like Green was the new color! I love it!


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