Craft Hope for Haiti

I donated this deer pull toy to the Craft Hope etsy shop and it sold the same day and 100% of the proceeds go to the Haitian relief effort! So to whomever purchased it, thank you. You are a rock star. I think the Craft Hope peeps are currently flooded with donations and purchases and running the shop, so as soon as they email the details of your identity, I will ship it right on out.

You know about Craft Hope, right? I didn't know until the lovely Holly emailed me about it. You can read about what they're doing here and go to the etsy shop and buy something here! You get to own a beautiful handmade creation AND support Doctors Without Borders all at the same time! Awesome.



  1. Thanks, Edith. You are lovely yourself.

  2. It was me! But you're the rock star! Of course it sold the same day--it is so, so cute! I have a toddler who loves all things 4-legged and I think she's really going to enjoy it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Also, I just sent you an E-mail--just a heads up in case it gets filtered into a spam folder or something.)


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