Lucy the scullery maid

That's who I am this week. 3 sick kids. Overworked husband. Snowed in. Dreaming of this but for now would settle for just a shower:

Your birthday wishes completely made me happy. Let's just say I really needed it this past week. Thank you! You guys are awesome. Oh and your present is done! Just need to photograph it. Hope it works!


  1. Oh heck you are having it tough...

    Hope the children get better real soon.

  2. Sorry for your situation. I know how that goes. But oh how the picture of that bike makes everything better!

  3. I too dream of Target. If I'm going to do so big store shopping, Target is my first choice. Snowed in & feeling ill for the past 10 days I have enjoyed reading some of your older posts and making hedgehogs.

    I hope you manage to stay well, the kids feel better, hubby feels rested and cheerful and has free time and the inclination to clean house, and you get your long, hot-nobody else having used it-shower.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Target is one of the best places in the whole world. It's my dream job but Minneapolis is so far away . . . ;p


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