As soon as this sinus headache is gone (day 4 now) I am going to take you guys on a bedroom redecorating odyssey. Or maybe some Easter crafts. I don't know. I can't think straight. It feels like someone is standing on my face.


  1. I have simillar problems from time to time. Here are my feel better tricks...

    Chinese Hot and Sour soup or another really seriously spicy hot soup.

    ICE PACKS. I shouted this because it is the number one help. Just alternate putting it on your forehead, cheeks, over the eyes, top of the head.

    You have pressure points that will help if you apply firm pressure (and I kind of rub in a circular motion too). Middle of the eyebrow, corner of eyebrow that meets the nose, area between cheekbones and nose, very top of the head and also slightly to the left and right of the top (you will know the spot when you hit it, it just feels different). Also, sinus headaches can cause tension in the jaw and back of the neck so those areas can benefit from ice and pressure too.

    Go outside in the cold air, also helps to shrink the sinuses.

    Avoid all dairy products, they increase congestion.

    I hope you feel better! I know what hell this can be! XOXO

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    Whose bedroom is getting redone?

  3. Urgh, hope you feel better soon. I emerged from my Nyquil induced coma not long ago. Feeling like someone is attempting to injection mould your face with school glue is no fun.

  4. I had that recently along with being REALLY tired for about 2 weeks. I kept saying it was mono!

  5. UGH. Sorry!!! A few weeks ago, everybody in my house was throwing up. Except me - I just got to be insanely tired (with a headache) for 6 days. Not fun.

    Know what finally cured it, I think? Pork and lentils, with rice. Weird, right? LOL Feel better soon!!

  6. I also suffer from sinus headaches, to the point where it feels like my face is about to shatter. I take a thick washcloth, saturate it with really HOT water and press it to my face while breathing through the cloth. Breathing the steam really helps loosen the sinus congestion and the hot wet heat penetrates into my forhead, cheeks eyes and feels WONDERFUL. Just keep rewetting the cloth and pressing it to the painful areas for five to fifteen minutes while breathing through the wet cloth.

    As a side benefit, it is also wondeful for your complexion!

    Once you get rid of it, try using NeilMed Sinus Irrigation bottle once or twice a day to prevent the headaches from developing. Sounds bizarre but rinsing your sinuses with warm salty water feels fabulous.

  7. I had the same problem last week. 12 hour Sudafed and Advil helped keep the pain under control.


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