Don't you wish there was more crafting on reality tv?

My seahorse pillow is standing on the runway in front of the judges. Nina Garcia questions whether it is fashionable. Michael Kors says it looks like someone threw a bunch of paper bags in a blender and sprinkled it on East Hampton. Heidi is afraid it will make her boobies look small. 


  1. I'm never more inspired to turn on the sewing machine than I am after a tantrum...or an episode of Project Runway.

    Could there be a reality TV show about crafting...without the drama? Because, seriously, I think there are a few etsians that could put even ANTM to shame! haha

  2. Don't really watch t.v. so no comment there really...but that seahorse pillow is GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh I miss crafting on HGTV! I saw you on Martha ",you could host a fabulous show. That seahorse is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  4. You're funny!
    And really talented!
    I just discovered this blog and it all looks amazing. Great style and colours!
    I'm definitely coming back!

  5. ROFL they told would say that too! A craft reality show would rock, although the drama gets in the way. I just want to see the pretties and how they made them. =P

  6. I don't even want to think about what Ms. Norwood would say about me in the confessional.


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