Sharks and Minnows

No, that's not the name of my new sea life series pillow. It's the game that my daughter was playing yesterday at recess that caused her to fall on the blacktop and landed us in the emergency room for a couple of hours. She's just fine, fortunately. We feared at first that she broke her wrist, but it's just sprained. Each time a doctor or nurse asked her what happened, she started off by saying, "Well, I was playing sharks and minnows..." So cute. She said it so many times that I wonder if it's printed somewhere on her medical record.
Anyway, I'm trying to catch up with pillow #3 now. Trudging along. Bleh. The intern is teething like crazy, and one of Ms. Norwood's suitors was HOWLING for her on the patio last night. I was so tempted to dump water on him, but I remained civil and politely explained to him that she's in Antigua for the week.


  1. Wish the heck I was in Antigua right now LOL! My daughter, who is now 16, has had many a trip to the ER in her short lifetime, most just sprains but the last one, a week before Thanksgiving last year, ended up having to have surgery the day after Thanksgiving for a fractured pinky finger! Needless to say our holidays were less than merry but trudge on we Moms do in spite of it all! Hooray for Moms!! :0)

  2. This was my daughter's first ER visit, but my son has been FOUR times in his 10 years! So, yes, hooray for moms indeed. Hardest job in the world!


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