I've had an idea for a new design in the back of my mind for a while now, but this morning I woke up with an urgent desire to finally make it. I also woke up thinking it was 1991 thanks to my next door neighbor who made me drink a fishbowl of wine last night. ("Did I oversleep for my history exam?! Did my roommate steal my Nevermind cassette again?!")

So I think I need to slip away to the fabric store so I can start my urgent new design. I'll be having a date with Sewing Machine tonight! Speaking of dates...

Ms. Norwood swears this was not a date. Sure. This is the gentleman cat who has been howling for her night after night. Poor guy. I hope she goes easy on him.


  1. If it looks like a date and smells like a date. . . I say it's a date! Love those eyes burning with passion! Besides, this is Mrs. Norwood's deck, and clearly SHE put out the flowers, not to mention the Chianti. . . OK, I've completely convinced myself. It's a date!!!


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