Gotta crack some eggs

It's coming along. Slowly. Goodbye yellowy pine. Hello sparkly white. Hello baby who is literally clinging onto my leg as I type. Gotta run now. Dinner to be made. Too bad there's no where to sit.

And...tonight is my favorite tv show! Yay!


  1. Um...I have not idea what tv show that would be? I'm super out of it.

  2. don't feel bad, I have no idea either. But yippee for getting rid of yellow pine!

  3. I love that show, too! Sometimes I just wish I could watch each frame in slo-mo; I feel like the pace and the number of people in it are giving me vertigo. Painting looks good! I'm currently painting horizontal stripes in 2 different rooms, 3 different colors per room. It's getting there. I've only been at it for about 3 months, so....
    Jenny :)

  4. Ohhhh... love that show. My husband doesn't get it, but it's eye candy mixed with just enough crazy. and the names of all their children. So cool.


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