My contribution to society

I've had an idea that's going to revolutionize everything we know about large scale shiny decorative animals.


  1. Well thank goodness somebody does. The one-eared, creepy-eyed cat that bounces between my yard and my mother's really needs some sort of occupation besides scaring visitors.

  2. I think the first shiny decorative animal I make will be a one-eared, creepy-eyed cat!

  3. I am braced and at the ready for this.

  4. Stage 1 of materials testing was a success. This is going to be huge.

  5. Ooo! Anything that revolutionizes anything is worth waiting for. Got your comment about piping, and if you'll shoot me an email so I can email you back, I'll share piping secrets!

    P.S. Sorry it took me this long to also comment back on the snow "up north" where we are w.r.t. you. No, we didn't get snow, thank goodness. We only got hail.


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