Goodbye Sanity, I hardly knew ye

I finally got Maggie down for a nap, and now the neighborhood tornado/disaster/nuclear holocaust here come the Ruskies alarm is going off. It's. Really. LOUD.

Oh my god. It just stopped and now the recycling truck is out front. Sounds like silverware in the garbage disposal. I give up.

Last month was a hellacious one for my husband at work, which means it was a hard one for me, too. And without a day off between months he just started an even worse one. I can't catch my breath. You know when you're up to your eyeballs in mothering three kids, and you're just waiting for your husband to walk in the door so you can say, "Here you go. Take over." I need that so badly, except that he's been at work since yesterday at 7am. Yeah, that's 28 hours at work and not even home yet, and when he does get home, he'll be exhausted and fall asleep so I can't exactly give him the parental reins. I don't talk about this aspect of my life much. But there you go.

It's okay. I'm okay. I'm really lucky. There. I pulled my shit together. Life is good. Deep breath.

Here is what I gave him for Fathers Day. Mind you, I don't paint. Not portraits. Not on canvas. I paint wooden things that I make. So this was a first attempt. I love how I did the stripes on the wall. I started on the left and went right thinking "hmmm, maybe a little farther? Yes?" And their eyes. No, they really do look like elves! They are that cute, I swear! Ok, first attempt. Just remember that. And I did it in 2 days because I hemmed and hawed and told myself, "You can't paint a portrait of the kids! You can't even paint! What are you doing?"

You may not believe this, because I can't, but the Cold War alarm is going off again and the trash truck is now out front. 


  1. Your portrait is adorable!
    I know exactly what you mean about Don't Ask Me Go Ask Your Other Parent time. You poor thing. I know how you feel. I have three kids, and the hubbs only works reg. hours 5 days a week, but since the kids are always here (homeschool), it means I'm always here with them, and sometimes it's all too much. I hope you guys are safe! I'll be thinking about you....
    And also about how your blog is my favorite because you are an awesome mommy that's not afraid to put a curse word in her post. You rule.

  2. Oops, I promised myself I wouldn't curse. How did that get in there? Hee hee.

    Thanks, Jenny.

  3. Hi from Finland! We have a saying that goes something like this: What does not kill you makes you stronger! And : At least you have something to think about/remember when you are old.... Haahaa. All the best, they grow every day...

  4. Oh man alive! I hear you over here! We have a train that seems to come EXACTLY when I have just finally gotten everyone down for naps. It's a good thing the guy who blows the whistle isn't close enough for me to get close to...
    Hang in there! Your portrait is awesome.

  5. I used to live down the street from a Harley bar in Manhattan. In the middle of the night, the bar would close and the hogs would come blasting down the street, leaving a screaming wake of car alarms. My husband and I always joke about what it would have been like if we'd had our babies there...

    I feel your pain about the "your turn" time. I hope you get some soon.

    The painting rocks!

  6. The painting is wonderful! Of course you could do it! Hope it is hung in a prominent place...

  7. My only child (I could barely manage one) is now a captain in the US Marines, but during his first colicky year, I was out on the driveway holding him out as my husband drove up from work. I can still recognize that harrowing look on mothers' faces who need a break. Now I just have to survive his deployments. Makes me yearn for colic! Hang in there, like you have a choice. Love your painting.

  8. Love the painting! I often think I should get art lessons. It would make my life so much easier when I take on such projects since I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. You should stick that painting on your Christmas (or whatever) cards!

  9. Oh, goodness! There should be house-gnomes that seoop in for times like these and scurry away to take care of the kids for you so you can get that much-needed break, no? (sigh). On the upside - your painting is really cute!! :) Hang in there!! The alarm and garbage truck can't possibly go off/hang out all day long, can they? Right?? :)

  10. Adorable and those are just the best gifts-the ones from the heart and with elf-like eyes. so cute. I hear ya and feel ya on needing the break. Hang in there, my friend. You are truly awesome.
    (Maybe you should tell Ms. Norwood to get up off her ass and help out a bit!)

  11. For someone who can't sure can paint! Its adorable!

    Hang in there fella mama!

  12. That work of art was very inspirational especialy for the family members.


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