Mmmm Buttercup Fabric

I need this fabric. It's on sale at Joann, but still $22/yd. Something in me, or rather in my bank account, won't let me spend that much. What's it for, you ask? These ottomans:

Took that picture right after we moved in to the new house. Anyway, I found those ottomans! Outside the back door of a department store here in town! I went in and asked if they were going to be thrown out, and the sales lady told me yes! So I snatched them right up. They're soooo sturdy and in such good shape. I nearly freaked. Stuff like that never happens to me. But it's time to recover them. Should be simple, I think. I'm going for a gray and yellow color scheme in my living room. So you see why I need that fabric. I also found this one on sale at Joann for only $12. However...

it looked yellow at the Joann site and is definitely green according to, which won't work because of my color hypersensitivity. It will make me break out in depression. The official color is "citrine" which tells me nothing. It's a fine line between yellow and lemongrass and then before you know it you've crossed over into citrine, pear, and once you hit lime, there's no going back. There's no recovery from moss. Or grass. Or (ugh I can hardly bear to type it)...sage.

One time a contestant on Project Runway was lamenting that when he got back from Mood, his "magenta started to look fuschia." He was in a panic. I so understand how he felt.

PS  Sorry for the awful grammar today.


  1. It's a beautiful fabric. Maybe you could splurge just this once?'s on SALE? or you are buying it with a Joann's 40% or 50% coupon. Usually, I wait for a good coupon and then buy those big items at 40% off.

  2. I could never in a million years spend that kind of money on a fabric because I am the queen of cheap....but I am going to tell you to go ahead and splurge. I think it would look stunning in your room and would be well worth the extra money. Think of it this way, you got them for free right? So really, you are only spending what you would have paid for them in the first place and they would look totally amazing to boot!! Do know deep down you really want to :)

  3. It's true, it's true! I paid nothing for them, so I should splurge on the fabric! It's $22 on sale from $56. Can you believe that???

  4. Hey K! -
    Isn't there a sort of 20% Off (or maybe it's 10% but I'm a hopeless optimist) Entire Purchase coupon for this Indep. Day weekend? Do you have it? I have it somewhere if you want the coupon code. Buy that buttercup fabric. Buy it. It is SO FAR superior to that whatever-shade-of-green, not that the latter is at all unpleasant, just inferior to the former.

    Off to the park now, just so I won't google that fabric and covet it and buy it and leave you none. So selfless.

  5. Hello, I am so glad to know that I am not the only person who are so picky about the colors in our homes or whatever that surrounds us.
    It's important, you know??
    I love your blog!

  6. Hey, I am going to add my voice to the chorus of buy it. How long will you have these in your house? You will love them every single time you see them. How many years will you get pleasure from them? Divide the cost by the years and it comes to dollars. I am the queen of cheap too but there are times when you have to buy something you love. When my ex and I first got married, we spent $80 on a large Audubon poster of Carolina Parakeets in an oval, lovely green mat. I STILL have that poster and I bought it 35 years ago and I still love it.
    Got it? Get it!

  7. If you have any upholstery questions maybe I can help answer them for you :) I used to have a shop and do it out of my house nowdays. and I am a fellow Minnesotian... I would only get the fabric if you're not going to feel bad about it everytime you look at the ottomans. But really $22/yard for fabric is not a bad price and they won't be using that much anyway, it's not a 7' sofa or anything. PLUS you are saving money on labor doing it yourself!

  8. They are beautiful. The colors are pretty gorgeous. I think you should go for it!

  9. The ottomans were free!!! Holee crap, stuff like that never happens to me. I would use the fabric that ultimately makes me happiest. Also with my three kids running around I'm thinking I would have a hard time using anything that I couldn't take off to clean.

  10. Thought of you and your grey and yellow living room when I came across this:

  11. OMG! I just found your blog today. I am sitting at my desk laughing out loud, because you sound like me. I am always getting harassed about my "color specificity." I will be reading your blog henceforth.


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