Stalking Earl

I'm feeling so much better now. I've been stalking Earl since last year, and I FINALLY got him. Don't be frightened. Earl lives down the road from me, and I'm not trying to abduct him. I'm only trying to photograph him. Not him, actually, but rather his car and his canoe. You see, Earl has a station wagon, and he occasionally takes it out of the garage, straps a canoe onto it, and drives away for the day. Something about the sight of that car with the canoe makes me so nostalgic for childhood. I never even had a station wagon or a canoe. But I see Earl, and I immediately think of summer camp, girl scouts, carpools, and Bill Murray in Meatballs. I guess I could just walk down to his house and ask to photograph the car with the canoe on it next time he goes out, but I'm afraid that would be weird. I don't even know him. I'm only guessing his name is Earl.

My goal now is to get a better picture. A better angle. Hopefully with the pine tree and the white picket fence in the background. But for now, I'm so happy I got this one.


  1. Love it! That's like my childhood all over - except we usually had bikes on top of our station wagon. =)


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