Typewriter Key Pillow

It's done! Mostly! I ran out of polyfill so it's sort of propped up and deflated toward the back, but it's done! It's about 12 inches in diameter and really tall. I want to make the whole alphabet and lay them out on the floor and jump on them. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Did you take typing in junior high school? I did. My typing teacher painted her nails during class all the time. That's my kind of job.

P.S. Special thanks to LiEr, who helped me overcome my fear of piping. She is awesome!


  1. So very cute.... I love the piping, glad you got over your fear.

  2. Jumping on the whole keyboard of pillows sounds awesome! Of course they should be "fully inflated" at that point, or it wouldn't be pretty. . . . ;-)

  3. ARGH! I want the whole alphabet of these! And that piping is exactly perfect for it! Katie, that pillow is awesome, not only because it is round.
    P.S. You're welcome, but I actually did nothing - you did that piping all by yourself, and it is FABULOUS!

  4. Now this is going in my Five Faves this weekend - I love it!

  5. Brilliant! I love that it's an A too - Amy Anderson, here we come!

  6. Changed my mind - going in my 'I like" sidebar, that way it will be visible for longer :)


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