Anna Wintour Doll

I'm really into this printing directly onto fabric thing! I keep thinking of stuff I want to make, but I'm super busy at the moment, so I asked my assistant if she could whip up something cute to photograph for the old blog. Here's what she gave me today:

Me: What is it?

Ms. Norwood:  It's an Anna Wintour doll.

Me:  That's a doll? You're not even going to stuff it?

Ms. Norwood:  Stuff Anna?! Oh, no dear. She's a perfect size 2. If she were stuffed, her sheath dress wouldn't hang properly.


  1. Well mx. norwood does have a point...

  2. I'm having trouble subscribing to your blog via email - Feedburner tells me the subscription cannot be found?! Just wondering if there is something a little haywire at your end :)

  3. i didn't know ms. norwood could talk!


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