I'm back! With pictures!

Whew, you guys. Where have I been? An unplanned internet hiatus. Except for lots of Ohdeedoh blogging which sort of takes all my blogging energy. Speaking of Ohdeedoh...look at this!

I made it out of picture frames I found at Goodwill! The tutorial is going up on Ohdeedoh today. It's for Maggie. But I sooo want to make a big one for myself.

And now I shall try to catch up on emails and phone calls. Eek. I'm very behind. My craft escapism does that to me.


  1. Absolutely cute! I'd never think to turn frames into a chair! I'm sure all the Ohdeedoh readers will squeal with delight!

  2. Shut UP! That is so flippin cute!

    I'm totally scouting thrift stores for frames now!

  3. Whoo! Now THAT's a chair! Katie, you are just amazing. The way your mind works...... I am regularly astounded. Incidentally, I am shamelessly biased when I read Ohdeedoh now. I scroll through the posts in my aggregator and see something that grabs me and I look at the name and, oh, it's a Katie S. post. Of course. Good taste, is what it is.

  4. holy crap, it's fantastic!

  5. Holy cuss you are so freaking amazing. You have the most amazing vision. The mind reels. Given how naturally innovative you appear to be, I am pretty sure you hold the solution to global warming somewhere in your crafting pervue. it may involve several tons of modpodge and a drill and some latchhooks, but I know if you put your mind to it--you can save us all.

  6. so prolific! your ohdeedoh posts are amazing! a pro already! why do i always feel compelled to only use exclamation points when commenting here?!


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