1. I was on vacation last week! It was so refreshing that I sort of lost life train of thought. Where was I? Who am I? Is the milk in the fridge sour?

2. My entire aesthetic is in a state of upheaval. I'm going through a way big transition. I'll let you know when it all settles out and the water becomes clear again. In the meantime, I need a high res image of Barack Obama NOW!


  1. Why a pic of the POTUS?

  2. Crafts with the Chief's picture on it can get kind of cheesy. ...just saying.

  3. Now we've gotta know waht you're doing.... I'm thinking something andy warholish?

  4. Definitely something Warholish, something on fabric, something flags and military medals, like a hundred years from now somebody finds a vintage grain sack from a fantasy US that has O's face in the logo. It's all conceptually still in the works.


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